Case Results

The results in each case depend on many factors. Prior results by any law firm do not guarantee future results. The results listed below are examples of cases handled by Preston & Salango, PLLC in the past.

Workplace Death- $10,800,000.00

Unsafe work practices results in death.

Commercial Trucking Accident- $4,400,000.00

Commercial truck driver crosses the centerline and strikes vehicle.

Medical Malpractice Settlement- $3,850,000.00

Permanent Workplace Injuries- $3,000,000.00

Mining wall collapse results in permanent injuries.

Commercial Trucking Death- $3,000,000.00

Commercial truck driver runs red light causing death.

Medical malpractice- $3,000,000.00

Failure to diagnose infection results in death

Failure to Diagnose- $2,850,000.00

Hospital's failure to diagnose blood disorder results in brain injury.

Severe Injuries In ATV Accident- $2,500,000.00

ATV accident results in significant injury.

Workplace Brain Injury- $2,000,000.00

Repeated safety violations results in brain injury.

DUI Commercial Driver Results In Death- $1,860,000.00

Intoxicated commercial truck driver strikes passenger vehicle from behind resulting in death

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