Do I Have A Case?

Are you wondering if you have a case, and may be able to file a claim and get a settlement? There are various factors that give you the legal right to pursue compensation, the first of which is that your injury, illness or condition must have come about through an act of negligence, and this act must be able to be proven as having occurred.

In some cases, the negligence is related to an action that is easily proven, such as a drunk driver, who caused a serious accident by wrong way driving. Other cases are more difficult, and in many cases, the issue of who was negligent could be in contention, and the matter cannot be sorted out without taking the case to civil court for resolution.

If you were injured in an accident, and the other driver was at fault, you can pursue compensation. If you were injured in surgery, in gas and mining accidents, truck accidents or other types of injury cases, your first step is to talk to an attorney that is very familiar with personal injury law. Any high value injury case, such as those involving brain and spinal cord injuries, requires a great deal of legal skill, as well as personal commitment to the injured, the family and to justice.

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Once the negligent parties are identified (and there could be several), an insurance claim is filed to recover damages. The insurance firm may or may not be inclined to pay, and will look through all of the information to try to find anything that could reduce the value of a settlement.

This could include searching your medical records to find out if you had any physical condition that could have contributed to the level of the injuries you sustained. An example would be a case in which a person sustains a serious back injury in a car accident.

The insurance firm could review the medical records and discover that earlier, that victim had suffered some sort of back injury, and using this information, try to reduce the claim. Never allow access to your medical records, and make sure you are represented by a firm that knows how to work with insurance companies and get results.

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