Do I Need a Lawyer?

Insurance company adjusters often tell injured people that they don't need a lawyer. To understand why, you have to look a little deeper into the process. If you have been seriously injured, the settlement arranged will need to cover all damages, including actual financial damages, such as the cost of medical care, any rehabilitation, refitting of a home if necessary, lost income from work, both now and estimated for the future, and similar damages. You also have the right to other damages that are not financial, such as pain and suffering, loss of quality of life and others, based upon what happened to you.

Insurance companies are commercial enterprises, answering to Boards of Directors and stockholders, and if you are the victim, the company does not represent you, but the liable party. It could not be more important that you are protected by a personal injury attorney in any serious injury case, as if you are not, it is impossible for you to know what your case is actually worth.

This lack of information could lead you to accepting a settlement offer that is inadequate, unfair and possible half or less than you could recover with the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer. The process of recovering compensation can be lengthy, as there is a great deal of back-and-forth negotiations to come to a final number. It is critical that you have a professional managing these negotiations.

If you are told that you don't need a lawyer, be aware that the insurance company absolutely would like to pay you less than you deserve. Any person that has tried to arrange a settlement themselves has likely experienced the extreme frustration and confusion involved in dealing with these companies.

You could be shifted from one adjuster to another, each telling you different information, with long waits, and slow service. In the end, many people who don't have legal representation finally just sign off on a settlement out of pure frustration, and in desperation.

Don't take chances if you were seriously injured. You absolutely must contact a personal injury attorney so that you are not victimized by the process of negotiating a claim. If you have been discussing your case with an insurance company, and you have been offered a settlement, the least you should do is contact an attorney to make sure you are being treated fairly. You really do need an attorney, as you are likely to recover far more than you would on your own.

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