Will My Case Likely Go to Trial?

Will my case likely go to trial? This is a question that we are frequently asked by our clients and this is something that everyone wonders before filing a lawsuit.

When it comes to personal injury claims, the vast majority (approximately 95%) of cases do settle before trial. The reason for this is that before trial, both sides have already usually completed their own investigation and have been able to come up with a value of the case. In general, personal injury attorneys evaluate cases in a similar fashion and arrive at settlement figures that are in the same ballpark. When this happens and the valuations from both sides of the case are close, there is no reason to take the case to trial.

While a plaintiff can reasonably expect that both attorneys will come to a similar value for the cases, there is no guarantee that a jury will come to the same approximate dollar amount. A group of jurors who don't work in the field of personal injury law create a huge element of uncertainty in a case.

There is no way for the attorneys to know ahead of time what evidence a jury will find relevant and what evidence a jury will find unimportant, and a jury has every right to decide what evidence matters in a case. Since neither side wants to be surprised in a jury trial by an unfavorable verdict, the pressure is on the plaintiff's and the defendant's attorneys to reach a settlement instead of going to trial.

When Trial is a Possibility

Given the fact that trials are rare, when do they become a possibility? Essentially, when the attorneys' respective valuations of a case are very different, than a case will go to trial. For example, if the settlement offer is $100,000 and your attorney thinks that your case is worth a million, there is an excellent chance that your case will go to trial. In such a case, it is worth it for both sides to take the chance of a jury trial.

While this type of situation doesn't occur often, especially when a judge is pressuring both sides to reach an agreement and settle, it can and does happen on occasion. The purpose of a jury is to come up with a fair decision when the two parties cannot reach an agreement on their own.

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