Raleigh Doctor Accused of Unneeded Surgeries

A New York doctor, Dr. Marcus Sodums, has testified against a former colleague, Dr. Donald Kenneth Glaser, claiming to have witnessed Glaser injure and kill patients by performing unnecessary surgeries. Dr. Sodums witnessed these unnecessary procedures during the three years they worked together.

Claims that Glaser and LifePoint Hospitals organized unnecessary surgeries to generate revenue have resulted in nearly 90 lawsuits that have been filed. Glaser was performing procedures like angioplasties and cardiac catheterizations that patients didn’t need.

Sodums testified against his colleague in April, after concerns of mischaracterization and diagnosis of patient chest pains became evident. In his deposition, Sodums stated that he believed Glaser was falsifying medical charts in order to perform the unneeded surgeries.

LifePoint Hospitals is currently under investigation, but complying with officials. Lawsuits allege that the hospital officials were aware of Glaser’s fraudulent misconduct for nearly five years before they informed patients. According to plaintiffs, hospital officials should have been aware of Glaser’s unnecessary procedures as early as 2010.

Charleston medical malpractice attorney, Ben Salango, is representing patients of Glaser that underwent unnecessary surgeries. He has years of experience representing those who have bene victims of misdiagnosis or other medical misconducts.

Learn more about this case in the Charleston Gazette-Mail’s article, “Allegations Mount against Raleigh Doctor Accused of Unneeded Surgeries.”

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