Time matters when pursing a case

The aftermath of an accident or injury can be a very confusing time. Many injury victims don't know when to contact a lawyer or think that waiting to hire a lawyer won't affect the outcome of their case. Unfortunately, waiting to hire a lawyer can be a costly mistake. In many instances, time is of the essence and a lawyer should be contact as soon as possible. Over the years we have handled numerous cases where evidence is lost or destroyed by the negligent party. The "black box" in a semi-truck is overwritten, erased or destroyed. Photographs, text messages, emails, and electronic data are lost or destroyed. Medical records are altered or go missing. Surveillance videos are overwritten or destroyed. Witnesses leave town and are unavailable. Even key evidence such as skid marks will disappear over time if not photographed. In cases involving trucking accidents, nursing home injuries, and medical negligence cases, the trucking company, hospital or nursing home will have a lawyer at the scene within hours. You should protect your rights and have a lawyer fighting for you as soon as possible as well. Don't take a chance on key evidence being lost or destroyed. Hire an experienced lawyer who will protect your interests.

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