Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes

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Do you have reason to believe that your loved one has been emotionally abused in their nursing home? If so, it may be in your best interest to contact Preston & Salango, PLLC, because you may have grounds to file a nursing home abuse claim.

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At our firm, our Charleston nursing home abuse lawyers are devoted to pursuing justice on behalf of individuals who have been abused and neglected in nursing homes. As a family- and community-oriented firm, we understand the importance of family, and are genuinely passionate about protecting the members of our community.

Forms of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse in nursing homes is defined as any psychological distress or emotional abuse that is caused by a staff member of the facility. Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse can be harder to detect, however; it is one of the most common forms of abuse that occurs in nursing homes. Since there are not typically physical signs of emotional abuse, it can be difficult to determine that this type of abuse has occurred.

Emotional abuse can occur in a number of ways:

  • Blaming or demeaning behavior towards the resident
  • Constant blaming, demeaning, or ridicule of the resident
  • Humiliating the resident
  • Ignoring the resident or neglecting to pay attention to their needs
  • Preventing the resident from engaging in social activities or visiting with friends
  • Terrorizing or menacing the resident
  • Threatening or yelling at the resident

Due to the federal Nursing Home Reform Act (NHRA) of 1987, there are laws requiring that all nursing homes receiving Medicare or Medicaid funds maintain facilities that are safe for all residents.

Even with federal laws in place, individuals should not have to worry that by placing their loved one in a nursing home or subjecting them to emotional abuse. For more than 40 years, we have been committed to handling nursing home abuse cases, and we stand ready to fight on behalf of the individuals who have fallen victim to it.

How Do I know if My Loved One Has Been Emotionally Abused?

Although emotional abuse can be difficult to detect, there are still signs that can help determine if your loved one has been emotionally abused. If your loved one demonstrates any of the following, they may be experiencing emotional abuse in their nursing home:

  • Avoids eye contact
  • Displays the desire to hurt themselves or others
  • Has low self-esteem
  • Is prohibited from joining in group activities
  • Is prohibited from making their own decisions
  • Is prohibited from seeing or calling other people
  • Shows signs of feeling hopeless, disturbed, scared, depressed, shy, or withdrawn
  • Shows sudden changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • Shows sudden mood swings
  • Is unwilling to speak openly

If you have seen your loved one demonstrate any of these signs, it is important that you act fast in contacting our firm. Our Charleston attorneys recognize that nursing home abuse cases can be overwhelming and emotionally trying, and we are here to provide you with the amount of compassion and support you deserve. No two cases are alike, which is why our team builds personalized strategies that are tailored to fit the unique needs of every client we work with.

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