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Genesis Putnam Center is a health care facility that houses short-term patients, and also offers rehabilitation therapy services, such as occupational, physical, and speech therapy. The center offers services to give patients all the comfort that they could have if they were living at home. If you were a patient staying at facility, undoubtedly you would have expected the staff to give you exceptional services while you were under their care.

Unfortunately, neglect and abuse occurs more often than we would like to believe in care facilities. A staggering amount of research has shown that one in three elders are abused in nursing homes. This is completely unacceptable and needs to be stopped. Call upon our team at Preston & Salango, PLLC to fight against this cruelty and obtain the justice you deserve!

Common Nursing Home Injuries

Negligent caregivers, nursing staff members, or other medical professionals are the biggest contributors to nursing home injuries. One of the most common injuries is when a patient suffers a fall. Every time a patient falls, a nurse must fill out an incident report, and failure to do so can seriously jeopardize not only the health of the patient but that person's job.

Other common issues contribute to nursing home injuries and abuses include:

  • Malnourishment
  • Understaffed facilities
  • Poorly maintained facilities
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse

If you suspect that your family member is being abused while staying at Genesis Putnam Center, you must call our Charleston nursing home abuse attorneys immediately! We can help investigate any signs of abuse, look for any red flags, and warning signs, and then take action against the facility.

Working Tirelessly for Justice

You need a tough legal team beside you when it comes to any type of personal injury claim, especially when you are going up against a major health care facility. They need to understand that what they are doing is wrong, which is why we are here to help you. Our several accolades and our recognition as a top West Virginia personal injury firm have shown that our Charleston nursing home abuse lawyers know just how to fight fiercely on you or your loved one's behalf.

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