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Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation has come under fire for several environmental and safety violations. The company's practice of fracking (drilling into rock formations in the earth in order to extract gas and petroleum) has stirred controversy. Fracking was initially thought to be the best way to economically obtain gas, and many proponents continue to stand behind the practice despite many recent findings that contradict this belief and have begun to adversely affect the environment.

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Taking a Stand Against Cabot's Violations

Fracking uses high-pressure water systems to break through the shale, minerals, and rock in order to find gas. Locals living nearby Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation have reported concerns that the groundwater has become contaminated, initiating many lawsuits. Further, the company was ranked as the second worst in its home state's Department of Environmental Protection for water contamination violations.

The company has amassed hundreds of violations and has been forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines for failing to implement safety measures, putting its workers and nearby residents at risk.

Some of these violations include:

  • Toxic exposure for employees
  • Liquid gel spills
  • Air contamination
  • Methane contamination
  • Lack of proper permits
  • Failing to properly store and dispose waste
  • Gas and fracking explosions

Hazards to the environment and people's safety should be taken very serious, and these companies should be held accountable for their thoughtless violations. If you have been injured, became ill, or were otherwise severely affected by Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, speak to Preston & Salango, PLLC as soon as possible for legal advocacy! We can look at the details of your case to determine whether you have grounds for a lawsuit.

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