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Have you suffered serious injury in a mining accident?

The gas mining industries are booming in several states throughout the country. As more people flock to West Virginia looking for work, the risk of mining accidents involving gas explosions and other hazards remains a constant danger to workers in the gas mining industry. The consequences of suffering injury in a gas mining accident could permanently affect the course of your life and your ability to earn a living.

If you have been serious injured or have lost a loved one to fatal injuries in a gas mining incident, our personal injury lawyers in Charleston may help you take legal action to seek justice against employer negligence and secure the financial compensation you deserve. Find out if you have a case and work with a personal injury team that has already won more than $100 million in damages on behalf of our clients— call Preston & Salango, PLLC today!

Our recent victories for mining accident victims:

  • $3 million recovered for client who suffered permanent injuries after a wall collapse
  • $750,000 recovered for client who suffered severe injuries after a gas explosion

Was someone else responsible for causing the accident?

There are hazards that coming with mining for natural gas deposits. However, the mining industries in West Virginia are strictly regulated in order to address these hazards and take effective precautions to reduce the risk of accidents. Workers, employers, and third-parties involved in all processes of the mining industry are expected to maintain industry standards to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

When someone acts carelessly or recklessly in their responsibilities, they may be held liable for any damages or injuries another person suffers as a result. Proving negligence is an important factor in many personal injury claims. By proving that an employer, another employee, or a third-party's negligent behavior caused the accident, you may be able to obtain fair compensation for your injuries!

Secure Financial Compensation for Your Injuries

At Preston & Salango, PLLC, our Charleston personal injury lawyers make it their mission to help gas mining accident victims secure the best chance at making a full recovery. We put 40+ years of legal experience to work in each of our client’s cases. By operating on contingency fees, we are able to provide dedicated representation without adding to our clients’ financial burdens—when you work with our injury attorneys, you owe us nothing unless we win your case.

You may be able to pursue an injury claim for all kinds of gas mining accidents:

  • Gas blowouts and gas gushers caused by pressure control failure and other factors
  • Gas explosions caused by ignition of gas leaks
  • Cable breaks resulting from poor safety inspections and negligence
  • Slip and fall accidents in unsafe work conditions
  • Fires and other incidental hazards in gas mining sites

Employers have been known to ignore safety regulations, neglect training precautions, and even overlook serious hazards. Failing to address a potentially dangerous condition or to train an employee on proper equipment handling can lead to all kinds of disasters. Whether you were injured during the pre-drilling phase, during machinery change, or any other mining-related incident, you deserve to obtain the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Your time to file a claim for a gas mining injury in West Virginia is limited.
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