Injuries from a Marathon Gas Explosion

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There have been numerous gas explosion and fracking accidents caused by Marathon over the years. Since the company has split into two separate corporations, they have gained even more power and resources. Both Marathon Oil Corporation and Marathon Petroleum Corporation are involved in gas and oil production and refining around the world and in throughout the U.S.

When explosions are tied to gas wells, it can result in devastating circumstances and results, including injuries, wrongful death, and home evacuation. Employees of Marathon or associated businesses know how dangerous this line of work can be, especially if they have suffered injury or illness due to being exposed to toxic chemicals or unsafe working conditions. If you have been a victim of employer negligence or suffered injury in a gas or fracking explosion, now is the time to turn to Preston & Salango, PLLC.

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Pursuing Justice for Oil & Gas Accident Victims

At Preston & Salango, PLLC, we have been handling cases for oil and gas explosion victims for numerous years. Our legal team has extensive insight and knowledge on how to litigate these types of legal matters. Whether you are dealing with a major company like Marathon or a smaller employer, you can count on our firm to relentlessly argue your case in and out of the courtroom.

We can help individuals who have suffered injuries or losses due to:

  • Fracking or gas explosions
  • Defective equipment or malfunctioning machinery
  • Failure to train employees
  • Use of improper procedures
  • Lack of safety measures or equipment

When employers or large companies fail to monitor the standards of safety at their oil and gas operations, it can lead to serious accidents and life-threatening explosions. You have the right to stand up after your injury and pursue justice for your suffering. The team of Charleston personal injury attorneys at our firm is more than prepared to advocate on your behalf-even against the tough defense teams these companies retain.

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