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The laws in West Virginia dictate that all dog owners are liable for any injuries or damages that their dog has caused. This is especially true if the dog has bitten another person or inflicted other damage to another person’s property, vehicles, and other possessions. If a dog bit you, you must speak with our Charleston dog bite attorneys to learn more about your options.

Do I Have a Case?

We may ask you several questions to familiarize ourselves with the entire incident. For example, was the dog leashed? The state follows the “one-bite rule,” which means that leashed dogs are legally protected if it is their first attack and they have not previously shown a history of aggression or attacking others.

Here are some additional questions that may be asked of you:

  • Do you know whether or not the dog has a history of aggression or attacks?
  • Did the owners have a sign posted on their property about an aggressive dog?
  • Were you or the person who was attacked invited or trespassing on the property?
  • Where did the bite or attack occur? Was it on the owner’s property?
  • Did you or the victim do anything to prompt the dog to attack?
  • Did the owner try to intervene, hold back, or prevent the accident?

Some dogs may be prone to attacking more than others. It may be their breed, their upbringing, or the way that the owner has trained the dog. Dog bites can lead to infections, broken bones, scarring, and other serious injuries, requiring extensive treatment. We can help you find the recovery you need to help cover those costs.

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