Medication errors injure 1.3 million people annually

Pharmacy errors occur across America on a daily basis. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Resources, “Medication errors cause at least one death every day and injure approximately 1.3 Million people annually in the United States.” Common causes include, “poor communication, ambiguities in product names, directions for use, medical abbreviations or writing, poor procedures or techniques….”

Most people think of a pharmacy error as involving a busy and overworked pharmacist placing the wrong prescription in the bottle or writing down the wrong dosage. A recent report shows however that a large portion of pharmacy errors are occurring due to information technology related to patient records, dosage instructions and receiving and inputting customer orders. As we all know, technology is imperfect. While many technology errors will be caught before the patient ingests the medication, some of the errors will result in a patient’s injury and sometimes even death.

Pharmacy errors can have serious consequences for a patient’s health. Many times, prescription medications have very serious side effects and can also have negative interactions when taken with other common over-the-counter drugs. However, the effects of a pharmacy error may not be immediately noticed. In some cases, a person may not know until months or years in the future. Another potential risk presented by a pharmacy error is that the patient is not receiving the medication that they were prescribed.

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