We have decades of experience handling coal mining accidents

Another tragic coal mine fatality occurred this past Tuesday night at the Gateway Eagle Mine in Boone County, West Virginia. The mine is operated by Rockwell Mining LLC.

2017 has been a tough year for coal miners with six fatalities occurring in the State of West Virginia. As regulations start to weaken in the coal mining industry, our fear is that coal mining injuries and fatalities will only keep increasing. As citizens of West Virginia, we need to hold the coal mines accountable when measures are taken to weaken safety at mines where our West Virginia men and women go to work every day.

At Preston & Salango, our West Virginia coal mine injury and fatality lawyers have represented dozens of coal miners who have been injured or killed in underground and surface coal mining disasters. Our coal mine attorneys know very well the consequences that occur when the mining companies fail to watch out for safety. Too often in the coal mining industry its production over safety. We are experienced in handling a wide range of coal mining cases involving, for example, continuous miners, roof bolters, longwall mining operations, rock trucks and coal trucks. Our coal mining attorneys have represented victims of the Upper Big Branch coal mine disaster. We have filed cases against companies such as Massey, Alpha, Patriot, ICG, Peabody Coal/Eastern Associated Coal and many more.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a coal mine injury or fatality, you have rights that will help you recover from these injuries. The skilled coal mining attorneys at Preston & Salango have experience representing victims of coal mining disasters. We know coal mining law and how to navigate our client’s case through the legal system to increase the chance of a full and fair recovery. Call Toll-Free 304-342-0512 to schedule a free consultation with a dedicated and experienced coal mining attorney at Preston & Salango to discuss your case.

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