Oil and Natural Gas Explosion Attorneys

The lawyers at Preston & Salango have the experience to successfully handle explosion cases including those caused by oil and natural gas. Natural gas, oil tank and well pad explosions are becoming common in West Virginia in natural gas rich counties such as Doddridge and Lewis. The lawyers at Preston & Salango, PLLC receive calls with increasing frequency each year from those whose loved ones have suffered serious injuries and even death as a result of the negligent operations that natural gas, oil and well pad companies are performing in West Virginia. Usually, an oil or gas explosion is due to a gas or oil leak of some kind combined with an ignition spark. In other instances, workers receive injuries when cleaning out oil tanks at well pad sites.

The oil and natural gas explosion lawyers at Preston & Salango have a great deal of experience handling gas and oil explosion cases that have taken place over the last several years including those involving oil tanks, well pads and in cases such as the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster. We have a number of national natural gas and oil explosion safety experts that we consult with on a regular basis to ascertain the cause and origin of the explosion. We have handled many cases where individuals have been badly burned in natural gas and oil explosions. Our team of legal experts will do all they can to help our clients get through the terrible ordeal of an oil or gas explosion.

The skilled personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Preston & Salango have experience representing victims of natural gas and oil explosions. We know natural gas and oil explosion law and how to navigate our client’s case through the legal system to increase the chance of a full and fair recovery. Call Toll-Free 304-342-0512 to schedule a free consultation with a dedicated and experienced personal injury attorney at Preston & Salango to discuss your case.