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Misty’s Seeds of Hope and The Compression Initiative

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

MISTY’S SEEDS OF HOPE, WVBHI, and THE COMPRESSION INITIATIVE continue their mission to provide assistance to West Virginians --

Through fundraising efforts across our State, West Virginia Breast Health Initiative raises money for mammograms, detection services and other breast health/cancer related care. WVBHI is able to do this work, in part, as a result of Misty Seeds of Hope, a fundraising and community outreach program which honors WVBHI’s co-founder, Misty Bennett.

Recently, our own Dan Snuffer was privileged to present a check on behalf of WVBHI and Misty’s Seeds of Hope to The Compression Initiative! The Compression Initiative helps provide much needed compression garments to uninsured/underinsured West Virginians suffering from lymphedema. Surprisingly, this much needed medical supply is often not covered by insurance.

Check out the important work that these organizations are doing for our communities here:;;;

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